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Google Adsense Training in Hyderabad

Earning Money With Google Adsense

Google AdSense is the Google advertising platform wherin web site owners / blog can place ads on thier website that are provided by google adsense google shares 70% commission it receives from the ads for web site owners .
There are two types of income in a advetisements:
1. PPC (pay per click), ranging from Rs.3, 300 rupees, this document is paid per click ads. Each ad has a different ppc, for more or less the PPC of each of the keywords to use tool Google keywords.
2. Pay Per Impressions – Hererin, google website owner pays per 1000 impressions an amount between Rs.10-Rs.200 general.
3.Earn Money Rs-5000 to 50,000 per Month From Home/Internet, working just 2 hrs/day

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